• REVIEW: Princeton Tec Quad

    9. Oktober 2019 by

    Tactical headlights are a must have item in the military, but also for outdoorsman. While the European market is dominated by Petzl the US competitor is Princeton Tec. After using various Petzls for almost a decade I decided to give Princeton Tec a try. The Quad is the minimalist LED model in Princeton Tecs line… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Terra-B Discreet Pouches

    7. Oktober 2019 by

    Ladies and Gentleman, today we are gonna take a look at a newbie on the German market that aims to manufacture serious gear. Terra-B is a brand we heard of a few weeks. They are a small business but already do some serious laser cut stuff. After having a look at their discreet pouches we… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: Socks (a basic guide)

    3. Oktober 2019 by

    So you got your new fancy Salomon boots, a load lifter backpack and you did your daily workout. But after the first day of an exercise your feet just hurt. Even the thought of looking at your feet hurts, because you know that when you take off your boots you gotta press in your feet… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: LALO Bloodbird

    2. Oktober 2019 by

    LALO is relatively new to the EU market. Founded by former Navy Seals LALO first specialized in creating amphibic boots with a passive draining function. But more on LALO boots in a later review. After the great success of their tactical line they did a logical step. Creating athletic footwear. There are many manufacturers that… Weiterlesen

  • TacHack – My loadout for IBC 2019

    26. September 2019 by

    As we told some weeks ago, RBT attended the International Bodyguard Conference in Poland. So before the conference, which was focused on hostile environments, I looked for a specific gear setup that would fit my needs. I dont want to get to much into the first line here but I will just tell you what… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Crossfire DG3 – What you get.

    13. September 2019 by

    Today we will take another look at the Crossfire DG3 backpack. As we said before this pack just plays in the top league of backpacks, so the DG3 has many technical highlights we won’t to point out. If you are looking for the basic functions of the DG3 you might want to take a look… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: The Field Kit

    11. September 2019 by

    After we covered the survival kit we will today cover, what we call the field kit. There are still some people out there thinking that a survival kit not only serves your needs in an evasion type of scenario, but is also a source for stuff you will need in the field during prolongued operations.… Weiterlesen

  • Visit @ S4 Supplies

    8. September 2019 by

    Today we were invited by one of Germanys leading retailers of tactical gear, S4 Supplies. Their retail store and office is located in Mömbris, Bavaria. S4 Supplies is part of CS Consulting Group and is as such owned by subject matter experts. We started the tour with a cup of Black Rifle Coffee. The owner,… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: VertX Recon Base Jacket

    4. September 2019 by

    When you hear VertX, you think of the Grey man, low viz operations and casual clothing with tactical features for law enforcement and close protection operators. But with their „Recon“ clothing line, VertX started to go into BDUs. The Recon line consists of combat and field shirts and pants, full rain gear and a puffy… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: DIY Field Ration

    2. September 2019 by

    Today we talk about MREs and how we at RBT create them our way. Even active duty soldiers in Germany are facing problems regarding MREs not always being issued during exercises. It’s a sad fact. But we don’t talk politics during our TacHacks. So sometimes you have to purchase MREs, which are somewhat expensive. Also… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Velocity Systems Basha

    1. September 2019 by

    As our readers might know, we at Redbeard Tactical are all about dependancies. Especially when it comes down to your third line of equipment. Tarp, bivvy bag and poncho are pieces of third line equipment you will always need when you are out for prolongued operations or just a weekendender in the woods. I had… Weiterlesen

  • AAR – AMBLE 2019

    30. August 2019 by

    On august 29 we attended AMBLE 2019, as written before AMBLE is short for „Amphibious Live Exhibition“, target audience were conventional and special amphibious warfare units. It was great to get in touch with all our brave NSW warriors and also the naval force protection and EOD guys. Visit AMBLEs homepage The main goal of… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK – Hydration – Part 2 – Hydration Bottles

    28. August 2019 by

    Welcome back to part two of our series on hydration. In the last article we discussed the basic hydration cycle of a combat load and also basic water processing and how to actually carry water. In all those topics, we just scratched the surface. Today we will talk about one of the oldest pieces of… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: CrossFire DG3 – Part I

    26. August 2019 by

    This review is part of a multi arcticle series on the CrossFire DG3 Packs When you are in the market to purchase a new patrol pack, you have a ton of manufacturers and options to chose from. Your first decision is which size of ruck you really want. There are tons of options in the… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: Starting a Fire – A Basic Approach

    24. August 2019 by

    First off when it comes down to tactical Survival Situations were you become an ISOP, you have to avoid starting a Fire at all costs. Not only dogs but also humans are able to smell a fire quickly. So even when you hole up your fire, someone will easily recognize it. There are many documented… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: First Spear ACM Hooded Field Shirt

    22. August 2019 by

    When it comes down to Baselayers, Merino Wool has become my first choice for a long time. The pros, compared synthetic fabrics are on hand. Merino wool is antibacterial, so it doesn’t smell, even after days. It insulates even when wet. And it is inherently no melt no drip. Woolpower was my long time favorite… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Snugpak SJ9 Insulated Jacket

    18. August 2019 by

    Today we will take another look at a product from an UK based manufacturer. The Snugpak SJ9 Jacket. Snugpak is well known for their Sleeka line of insulated jackets that kept and keeps soldiers warm for decades. During my actice duty time I privately purchased their Sleeka jacket and it simply worked. With more and… Weiterlesen

  • Exercises – Hexbar Deadlift Squats – Jack Of All Trades

    17. August 2019 by

    When asking people for their favorite exercises to build power they will answer a wide array of exercises ranging from benchpress over squats to deadlifts. It’s allright to do varied strength exercises. But when you try to build a baseline consisting of power, speed, calisthenic endurance and cardiologic endurance you might look for an exercise… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: Organize Your Gear… With Homedepot Zip Ties!

    14. August 2019 by

    Looking at some of the higher end gear manufacturers like Crye, Velocity Systems or LBT everyone is using more and more Velcro OneWrap for comms and hydration routing these days. That’s just because Velcro OneWrap simply works. But many pack and gear manufacturers didn’t jump on the train and still use elastic or even worse,… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Karrimor SF Sabre 35

    11. August 2019 by

    Today we will take a look at a great daypack, manufactured by Karrimor SF, an UK based backpack manufacturer with a long history. Karrimor is well known for high quality internal frame packs at a great price point. As always we will take a look at the category of gear this particular pack is based… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: Thigh Pocket IFAK

    10. August 2019 by

    Today’s TacHack is just a hack for those that didn’t serve in any European military. For those that did this is just a deep thought. IFAKs have become an essential part of any soldiers kit for at least 15 years. By saying IFAK I mean the whole individual first aid kit containing gauze, emergency dressing,… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Velocity Systems Jungle Kit

    9. August 2019 by

    Platecarriers, vests, chestrig and low profile. The Global War on Terror changed the look of the soldier of the 90s we are all familiar with drastically. Reasons for this are on hand. Vehicle borne operations, IEDs as a major threat. Cover and concealment werent the main concerns of military operations in the past two decades.… Weiterlesen

  • Combat Fitness – Archieving the Baseline

    8. August 2019 by

    No matter if you are military, security contractor, LEO or just responsible civilian. You need to be in shape. In shape means that you have to be light but yet strong, agile, fast and enduring. Additionally you need to have above average cardiologic scores. When it comes down to most PFTs or selection programs you… Weiterlesen

  • AMBLE 2019

    7. August 2019 by

    During this year’s IWA we were approached by some friends from the industry, inviting us to the maritime SOF industry show AMBLE AMBLE is short for Amphibious live exhibition and offers maritime SOF elements from all ranks to get in touch with major players from the industry. We will be there with a booth representing… Weiterlesen

  • IBC 2019

    7. August 2019 by

    From 20th – 22nd September 2019 we will be at the international Bodyguard conference in poland. At the IBC participants will have the opportunity to Train with five top instructors from five different countries. We will not only be attendees but we will also exhibit some of our tried and tested gear. You can still… Weiterlesen

  • TACHACK: The DIY Survival Kit

    7. August 2019 by

    You can find a shitload of tactical and civilian survival kits on the market. They come in various forms, ranging from tins to plastic bags or bottles filled with whistles, tape, fishhooks, firestarters and other more or less „useful“ pieces of kit. Learning more and more about the Military/SERE Approach to Survival I reviewed some… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Snugpak Jungle Bag (The Woobie on Roid Rage)

    7. August 2019 by

    There are two pieces of sleeping equipment every operator literally needs in his kit. First off, a summer sleeping bag and also a woobie/poncho liner. They are not just essential for sleeping outside. They are also essential for sleeping in the camp, in the vehicle or just getting that extra bit of warmth or and… Weiterlesen

  • REVIEW: Mayflower 24h Assault Pack – Fixed Shoulder

    6. August 2019 by

    Intro: Every Soldier has one thing in common. He gets issued a ruck. Sometimes two. Load carriage is a critical skill. During my basic training and during exercises in my unit we always had to hump massive loads in massive bagpacks. Those backpacks ranged from 40 to 120 litres. Mostly the basic ruck started at… Weiterlesen

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