AAR – International Bodyguard Conference 2019

On September 20 of this year, Wodan Security from Germany invited professionals from all around the world to the 4th International Bodyguard Conference. Red Beard Tactical had the honor to get invited to this outstanding training event.

Talking about CQC

The conference was held on the Camp X Training center, located in Babimost, Poland. Poland is getting more and more something like Europes heart when it comes to tactical shooting classes, because of its outstanding shooting ranges and weapon laws.

Carbine drills with Diego S.

Wodans CEO Ralf Kassner is a former GSG 9 guy, who now works in high risk close protection and consulting. His goal with the IBC is to unite close protection operators and trainers from all around the world for training and networking. We really liked the idea of not putting just one Instructor into the spotlight, but instead offering multiple professional views.

Killhouse trainimg with Team Wodan

The participants not only came from Europe, some travelled as far as from Japan or Australia. After we arrived at the Senator Hotel, where we resided and where all the theoretical stuff was teached, we got a short introduction by Ralf on the conference and its goals and on all the other instructors.

Wodan Security CEO Ralf Kassner

Instructors and lecturers included:

Mark Human, a knife defense and CQC instructor from South Africa, I already knew Mark and his unique training concepts from a class in Germany so I was glad to meet him again.

CQC with Mark Human

Diego S., a former US Military Police operator with extensive PMC experience. His focus during the IBC was carbine and pistol management.

There was lots of range time

Dr. Kurt Pelda an investigative journalist and war correspondent who spent more time in high risk areas then most of the conference attendees ever did. He would tell us about the new kind of warfare one will encounter in the middle east.

Jim C., retired brit SF guy with lots of knowledge about behavioral detection.

Rental Weapons were always on hand

Andrej M., a active SF guy from an east European country would teach us his views about shooting and fighting in and around vehicles.

Vehicle bail out drills played a vital role.

Also Ralf and his “Team Wodan” would show us some CQB tactics inside the killhouse.

Range time with Diego

After the briefing we got our first theoretical group task, creating a security concept for a PSD contract in africa, during this task we had to plan the operational, financial, technical and organizational aspects of the task. While we were planning the mission, the conditions of the contract constantly changed. Every team had to present their individual concept.

All lecturers did share a huge amount of knowledge and experience

After this task the group were split into “basic” and “advanced” training. Everyone had to decide for himself which group he would fit in. Fortunately everyone was able to reflect on an objective base, without the ego blocking the way.

The training expanded the horizons of all attendees.

All three days were packed with Life Fire, FoF, combatives and lectures.

Every evening we had the opportunity to look at various topic related products.

Mark Human did a great job explaining the importance of CQC and knive work. As some people in the close protection world get to focused on their shooting skills this was a great lesson for all attendees. The knife is always a thread you should be able to handle, even when you have a firearm. His shooting drills focused on extreme close range and focused on getting of the X while keeping the fight on.

After doing dry drills CQC with Mark went sharp.

Diegos Shooting Training was not only extremely well organized but was also top notch stuff. It was not only about bringing rounds into a target but also about cover and movement. Cover and movement. Fire, cover and movement get more and more forgotten in favour for fancy speed reloads, so Im very thankfull that an instructor is actually teaching the reality.

FX weapons used during the killhouse training.

Andrej was something like the surprise of the day, his vehicle checkpoint drills were greatly teached from “How do I prepare a vehicle, in a low vis scenario” to “how do I actually work with my gun in confined spaces” until we got to force on force and hot range scenarios. Andrej also held the final exercise where we had to do a break contact drill after disembarking a vehicle. The whole RBT crew was really impressed with his stuff but especially the way he teached.

Acting in and around vehicles is a vital skill

Team Wodan did the CQB stuff inside a Killhouse, they showed us several techniques  for room clearing and the use of breaching toosl (cold breaching only), after this we got our scenario. Our principal got inside his mansion, after a while the CP team hears bangs and screams. Now we had to locate the principial and get him out of the building. We had a huge amount of FX ammo and many nasty surprises waiting for us.

How does a window matter to your marksmanship?

Last but not least lets talk about the theoretical lessons learned. I really liked that the conference wasn’t just shooting and kicking doors all along. Dr. Peldas analysis of the conflicts in the arab world was really groundbreaking and showed those preparing for contracts in the middle east what could bee waiting for them.

TACWRK was one of the exhibitors

Jim C. did a great job of showing psychological, physical and neurological warning signs that an attacker will produce without knowing it. A great way to prevent conflicts and at the end of the day this is the main task of close protection.

Team RBT extracting the VIP

Every evening we had the ability to look at various products of exhibitors. Bonowi IPE presented batons, protective equipment and apparel. Good guys on bad lands came up with great swag. TACWRK showed a lot of their product line. Also the RBT crew showcased products of our Partners Velocity Systems, VertX and CrossFire Australia. The company FARO showcased a product that can build a 3d image of any environments for pre mission planning, great stuff.

The attendees came from all around the world.

All in all the IBC offered great moments of training, networking and teamwork. We can highly recommend this event for all people doing close protection hostile environments. Ralf of Wodan Security also announced some upcoming CQB classes for 2020. Be sure to check out for Wodan Securities Website more infos.

To see more footage of the IBC make sure to visit our Instagram profile.

(Pictures by RBT & Gorilla Tattoo Neuss)