AAR – AMBLE 2019

On august 29 we attended AMBLE 2019, as written before AMBLE is short for „Amphibious Live Exhibition“, target audience were conventional and special amphibious warfare units. It was great to get in touch with all our brave NSW warriors and also the naval force protection and EOD guys.

Visit AMBLEs homepage

The main goal of AMBLE was to create a casual link up between operators and the defence industry. It was possible to attend amphibious landings and even to drive waterborne vessels. The event was organized by a organization of former and active members of the „Seebattalion“, which ist he amphibious division of the German navy. Location was the „Jadewerft“ shipyard in northern Germany, so there were unlimited possibilities.

The RBT „Consortium“ booth in all its glory.

Our partners Velocity Systems, VertX, CrossFire, Snugpak and Mayflower RC approached us to represent their brands at the show. We have no problem supporting brands that we know as „No-BS“ manufacturers. Being veterans we quickly got warm with all the operators. They liked how we listened to their problems. We did some really good talk and business with those guys.

RB_Two explaining the Crossfire DG3 Ruck to military audience

Especially NSW still has some major probems when it comes to PPE and LBE gear. They are looking for quick releasable systems, made of laminate with as less velcro as possible. So in the future of NSW Gear, we will see tons of systems like S&S Precisions Plate Frame Modular.  Speaking about S&S we had great time with CSC/ S4Supplies. Those guys are retailers for some very reputable international brands like S&S, Gatorz, Kelty and VIKTOS.

Visit S4 Supplies here.

But besides their products those guys are just great persons to know. S4´s whole crew has a real world background and was very grounded. They try to be open to everyone in the industry and every talk was a mix of joking around and actual professional talk. Just the right way. So we will do some stuff with them in the future.

Some impressions from the S4 Supplies booth.

We also had a great time with guys from CZ Arms, CZ is getting more and more professional and we really liked their guns.

CZ Arms is upping their game

The exhibition also gave the opportunity to talk to big industry names like KMW and DIEHL defence. Showing some sick counter UAV technologies and some amphibious landing craft.

RB_One doing some JetSki shit

We also encountered RAPTOR weight vests. RAPTOR manufactures weight vests for professional athletes and operators. Rod of Raptor is an athlete himself and we really were on line in regards of combat fitness and preventing injuries by a mix of cardio and weigth training.

Check out raptor weight vests

Dock of the „Jadewerft“

AMBLE was a great event overall and we really enjoyed spending time with some oft he worlds finest operators and defence industry experts.

The whole shipyard became an industry show.

We also managed to destroy a Jetski after a rough ride, grunts being grunts.

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