TACHACK: Organize Your Gear… With Homedepot Zip Ties!

Looking at some of the higher end gear manufacturers like Crye, Velocity Systems or LBT everyone is using more and more Velcro OneWrap for comms and hydration routing these days.

That’s just because Velcro OneWrap simply works. But many pack and gear manufacturers didn’t jump on the train and still use elastic or even worse, hardware for routing drinking tubes. Other products are simply missing any kind of routing option.

Some days ago I was walking through the home depot, suddenly a blister of 30 Velcro zip ties caught my eyes. For only 2,00€ I took two packs with me.

Pack of 30 Velcro zip-ties
Genuine velcro zip-tie

So what would be the best way to use them? The answer is you can use them on almost every backpack or chestrig strap to route your comms.

Here is how to:

1. Start weaving the female side of the zip tie to the outside of your packs strap. (If the visible side in this step is hook the outside of the channel will be hook and vice versa)
2. Tightly pull the male side of the tie through the female side.
3. Now lock them tightly in place.
4. Roll the tie into the desired shape and diameter.
5. Use as many as you want for routing.

You can even go further:

When you interlock two straps you get even more possibilities.
You can organize any velcro lined pouch as you want to.
Or even build a TQ holder.

To be fair. This is a cheap homedepot hook and loop material and has not the strength of original Velcro OneWrap. But it works. I hope someone in the tactical industry will pick up this construction and will do a „tactical“ version in colors like ranger green or coyote, made of real one wrap. Perhaps even a 25mm version.

I hope you liked today’s TacHack. If not. Simply write your own. Did you ever do something similar? Let us know in the comments.

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