TACHACK: Thigh Pocket IFAK

Today’s TacHack is just a hack for those that didn’t serve in any European military. For those that did this is just a deep thought.

IFAKs have become an essential part of any soldiers kit for at least 15 years. By saying IFAK I mean the whole individual first aid kit containing gauze, emergency dressing, J-Tube etc.

Before there were IFAKs there were just field dressings and triangular bandage. In the German army there was even a burn dressing.

The cargo pocket is marked with a white cross made of medical tape.

Most armys used to carry or still carry them in the left or right thigh pocket. In the German army it was always the left. If you hadn’t your dressings in your left pocket you could prepare for a bust from your squad leader.

Nowadays there are IFAKs. Especially IFAK pouches. They range from big trauma kits to micro/minimalist kits. Tearaway or fixed. You simply can’t list them all (if you can, you need seriously need to seek friends).

Some units or companies tend to carry only one IFAK. Others carry two. Placing two IFAKs on your gear doesn’t really help to lower your profile. And that’s the point where, for at least one IFAK, it can help to go back to the old days.

All issued content fits very well.

Some months ago I talked to a comrade of a unit I shall not name. So I asked: „… what kind of IFAK do you use? Crye? LBT“ „To be honest, the left thigh pocket“ he replied with a smile.

So lets talk about how you can do this. You need something that keeps the kits content together. You need to mark your IFAK and you need quick acess to it.

I used a Mayflower pull out IFAK.
But you can also use a simple zip lock.

Everything you need is: Medical Tape and a zip lock bag. The medical tape to mark the pocket. The bag to keep everything together. Of course it would be more professional to use a dedicated nylon pull out tray or to sew a cross on your pocket.

Mayflower solution is easy to grab and go. Also fits in any GP Pouch.
The zip lok bag packs flat and is transparent so you can see all contents.

Let’s check the Pros:

  • + Your IFAK is always on your first line
  • + Every uniform has cargo pockets
  • + You can lower your profile
  • + Saves MOLLE space
  • + Its cheap

Now to the Cons:

  • – Less space for whatever you carry in your pocket.
  • – Doesn’t work with thigh holsters or thigh pouches

So it’s up to you? Do you think you can transfer one of your IFAKs to the first line?

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